The Seaview developer sued for S$14m by angry residents

Residents at The Seaview condo along Amber Road have sued its developer over poor workmanship and defects.

The S$14 million lawsuit is believed to be the biggest yet in the country.

Residents of the “Ardmore Park of the east” allege that the estate has been plagued by defects since they began moving in.

One year after the 546-unit project was completed in 2008, building surveyors discovered at least 32 cases of defects in the swimming pool, lift lobbies, residential units and the basement car park.

The Straits Times reported that complaints include poor workmanship and repugnant odours in the units due to improper installation of floor traps and pipes.

Furthermore, the estate’s water bill for common areas rose from S$4,000 to S$20,000 per month. Experts and maintenance staff found a leak in the pipe supplying water to the swimming pool.

The suit was filed by the condo’s management corporation against Mer Vue Developments, a subsidiary of Wheelock Properties. It also named engineering firm Squire Mech and the main contractor Tiong Aik Construction, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers in the lawsuit.

The pre-trial conference for the case will be held in October.

Source : PropertyGuru – 26 Sep 2011

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