Tengah ‘Forest Town’ to be Singapore’s largest smart, sustainable town

The upcoming Tengah development will feature eco-friendly water and energy features, an automated waste system as well as software that will aid in the planning of the town, the Housing and Development Board said on Friday (Sep 9).

Dubbed “Forest Town”, Tengah will be the first HDB town planned with smart technologies from the onset. The first batch of flats in the town will be launched in 2018.

The development will include energy and water conservation features both within and outside residents’ homes, such as smart lighting in common areas and eco-pedestals in flats. A dual bicycle rack system will be provided to encourage green commuting, HDB said.

Tengah will also get a smart Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) to promote a more hygienic and efficient method of waste collection and management.

The PWCS is an automated and enclosed waste collection system which uses high-speed air suction to transport household waste via an underground pipe network to the centralised bin centre. The automated system eliminates the need for manual waste collection, hence minimising waste scattering and pest issues, HDB said.


Software such as the Urban Microclimate Multi-physics Integrated Simulation (UM-MIST) will also be used to help in the planning of the town. The software uses 3D city models to simulate the interaction of urban microclimatic conditions such as wind flow, temperature fluctuations and solar irradiance with each other, as well as their combined effects on the surrounding urban landscape.

“Using UM-MIST, HDB’s planners, architects and engineers will be able to analyse key wind channels, and the solar heat gained by different urban features, for example, concrete, vegetation, water bodies within Tengah,” HDB said.

This will help them to design open spaces, as well as optimise the building layouts and orientation to enhance the intensity of wind flow and promote natural ventilation within the town.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 9 Sep 2016

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