Red Dot Traffic’s lease to end in 2015

Tenants at Red Dot Traffic must vacate their Maxwell Road home in 2015 – the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has decided not to renew the building’s lease after nine years.

The Red Dot is a refurbished colonial building from the 1920s, and it houses bars, restaurants and offices, as well as the first contemporary design museum in Asia.

SLA said the lease should have ended this October but will expire a year later instead. Tenants Channel NewsAsia spoke to said it was a pity the lease is ending and want it to be extended.

Mr Chris Koh, director of Chris International, gave suggestions on how to enhance the use of the iconic space. He said: “We do have quite a parcel of land behind where the car park is at the present moment. The parcel behind can be used for commercial, it can also be used for residential.

“You see residential buildings now springing up in business areas. And since we run on the theme of live, work, and play, why can’t we have another residential block there?”

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 4 Dec 2014

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