Minimum occupation period criteria for SERS replacement flats

Buyers of replacement HDB flats under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) would no longer be allowed to resell their homes until five years after receiving the keys.

Owners of Sers replacement apartments are now subject to the same five-year MOP requirements as those who purchase a flat from the HDB or the secondary market due to changes in the minimum occupation period (MOP) criteria.

MOP is the time period that owners are required to live in their flats before they can sell on the open market.

Previously, they had two options for selling: five years after collection or seven years after choosing the apartment.
This implied that some owners may sell their properties before they had been occupants for five years.

The new standards will take effect for SERS sites declared on or after April 7, according to the HDB website.

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