Malls to put up more signages on escalator safety

Some shopping malls are putting up more warning signs to remind shoppers of escalator safety.

This follows the recent spate of incidents, including one where a girl got her toe ripped off by an escalator at Admiralty Place.

The warning signs are on every escalator to remind shoppers to hold onto the handrails. It also says that children should stay clear of the sides of the escalator.

After the recent spate of incidents, some malls have decided to do more.

Tampines Mall is looking at more strategic placings of warning signs, while it investigates Tuesday’s incident.

The 2-year-old girl who fell and got her toe trapped in the escalator stairs is still warded for observations at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for a 1-centimetre cut on her toe on her left foot.

For one, AsiaMalls Management which oversees five shopping centres, including Century Square, will have new escalator safety signs sometime next week.

New signages put up at shopping malls are expected to be bigger, more visible and with visual illustrations.

Besides alerting parents and children to escalator safety, these new signages will also remind those with loose clothing to be more careful on the escalators.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital say loose fabric and shoes can be pulled into the moving steps once children get too close to the sides.

They may then sustain injuries like cuts, scratches or amputation after being dragged along by the machinery.

If an accident should happen, KK Hospital says parents should never try to release the trapped foot by force.

They should, instead, wait for help to come with the proper tools to pry open the escalator steps.

Amputated parts should also be placed in a plastic bag and packed with ice before sending it with the child to the hospital.

Source: Channel NewsAsia, 07 November 2006

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