Enbloc sale: What are the methods used to distribute sale proceeds?

The common methods used are: Share value: the apportionment for each unit is proportionate to a unit's share value in relation to the total share value for the whole apartment Average of the strata floor area and share value: the apportionment is according to the unit's strata floor area in relation to the total strata floor area. The figures derived from the share value method and floor area method are...

Guide on Enbloc Sale

What is Enbloc Sale? Enbloc = in a lump; as a whole Thus, an Enbloc Sale basically means: all owners of separate units in an apartment, condominium or even an office building, coming together to collectively sell their properties to a developer for comprehensive redevelopment. Why Enbloc Sale? allows owners to sell their properties for at a higher price than they could fetch by selling individually...

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