Work begins on URA Concept Plan 2011

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore has begun work on preparing the next Concept Plan.

National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan announced at his ministry’s National Day Observance Ceremony on Friday.

Concept Plan 2011 will be a major review of Singapore’s long-term land use plans and strategies to cater to the changing needs of a growing economy and population.

Mr Mah said: “This is a very important exercise because from this concept plan we will derive some of the more detailed land use plans. We will determine what are the areas, in which areas will Singapore be concentrating on, how do we work, how do we play, how do we make this an even better Singapore.”

URA will seek the public’s views to ensure that the plans are in sync with the evolving lifestyles and aspirations of Singaporeans.

Mr Mah said a key focus of Concept Plan 2011 is to plan for sustainable growth.

The minister explained: “So that even as we grow economically, this has to be done in a way that is sustainable, that will make sure that our resources can be best used, not for just this generation but for the generations to come.”

He said the Sustainable Singapore blueprint, which was launched in April, provides a good foundation, and the concept plan will build upon that.

Mr Mah added that keeping public housing affordable is also a priority.

“There’s plenty of housing available. Old ones, resale ones, new ones under the BTO (Build-To-Order). It’s like going to a supermarket, (there are) different types of housing available. Each one of them has its price, and you choose the one that you’re able to afford,” he said.

At the National Day Observance Ceremony, Mr Mah met some new citizens and he spoke of the need for them to make an effort to integrate.

Some new citizens said they were drawn to Singapore because of its emphasis on ability.

“It’s because of the equal opportunities, and the system of meritocracy, and the open arms of the government for foreign talent. So long as you can contribute, I believe the Singapore government will welcome us,” said Dr Wong Siew Heng, a new citizen who has lived in Singapore for 20 years.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 7 Aug 2009

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