Why invest in property

Historically individuals have purchased property in their country of domicile commonly as a principle residence. In some cases, an additional residence may have been bought for use as a holiday home. Property today however has developed into a truly global market as investors identify opportunities ever further afield and the idea of buying in foreign countries has become more widely accepted.

Arguments for investing in property include:


Property has always been accepted as a safe way of minimising risk and ensuring excellent returns in one’s investment portfolio. Investing in overseas markets has the additional benefit of providing exposure to different economies that may offer higher growth prospects than within their own country. As well as gaining from capital growth, there is also the opportunity to make gains from foreign exchange exposure.

Advantageous Tax

There are ways of structuring a property purchase to take advantage of tax breaks not available in other forms of investment. Prior to purchase, Intellectual Property will have researched all avenues in this field to ensure the investor takes full advantage of these possibilities, according to the property regime of that country and your country of domicile.

Low- Risk

Property has always been perceived as a low risk asset class. While some countries may be more speculative than others, IP will ensure that all aspects of the development are known to the client prior to sale thus helping to manage risk, ensuring investors can feel comfortable with their investment in both the short and long term.


At IP we research and assess the secondary market, based on supply and demand, to help predict the level of liquidity in the future. This gives clients the confidence they are buying an asset they can readily sell one day. Some countries have obvious secondary market sales and some have the potential for sales based on population growth, wage inflation and supply.

Ability to Borrow

Buying in markets where financing is available and you are able to gear up can increase capital growth exponentially, whilst affording you the opportunity to buy in different markets and geographically diversify. There are also often significant tax benefits to borrowing rather than self-financing.

Income Generating

With our preferred method of corporate letting, your rental is safe all year round with the advantage that your property will be well looked after. This is far preferable to weekly lets (holiday traffic) where you may only get around 50% rental and see far greater wear and tear on your investment.

We generally recommend people invest in commercial or capital cities where yields are more predictable and tenanting far easier. While yields fluctuate by market or by economic cycle, it’s our focus to provide a good, predictable yield.

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