Versilia on Haig

Versilia, a 128 freehold exquisitely designed condominium units in two 19-storey blocks present the perfect backdrop for unparalleled luxury. Artfully design with eclective touches . The modern architecture takes best advantages of surrounding views. Whilst higher floor units bask with unobstructed sea vistas, units on the lower floors can revel in soothing seceneries of an environmental deck with communal facilities. More than a place to live. this is a way of life.

The difference is in the details, clear in its purpose and defined by quality. With thoughtfully planned layouts, the selection of 1-bedroom, 2+study, 3-bedroom, 3+ study apartments as well as a 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom penthouse with sky terrace accommodate diverse lifestyles. With a North-South orientation, residents can enjoy ample light and breeze with an expansive balcony and bay windows. Featuring 4 units per lobby, experience a cosier, exclusive atmosphere at all times.

Location: Haig Road (District 15)
Year of Completion:
Total Units:
Facilities & Features:

Entrance water Feature, Lap Pool, Jacuzzi, Heated Spa Pool, Wading Pool with Rain Curtain Ring Jets, Bubble Jet Pool, BBQ Deck with Trellis, Outdoor Reading Corner with Trellis, Children Playground, Gymnasium, Function Room, Changing Rooms with Steam Baths, Sentry Posts

Units Chart

Unit Types:
1-2 bedroom (Type AG & Type B)
3 bedroom, 3+1 (Type C1 Type C1-G1 & Type C1-G2 Type C2 Type C2-G & Type C2-a Type D)
Penthouse (Type B-P Type C1-P Type C2-P Type DP)

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