URA Draft Master Plan 2019: Renewal for Bayshore, Dakota Crescent, Farrer Park; Farrer Park to retain heritage

As part of plans to rejuvenate existing areas, new housing and amenities will be added in areas such as Bayshore, Dakota Crescent and Farrer Park.

“Future public housing at Dakota Crescent will be planned to take into consideration the six retained Singapore Improvement Trust blocks nearby and the courtyard space, with ideas from heritage groups, former residents and community leaders woven into the future plans,” the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said on Wednesday morning in its statement unveiling key proposals for the Draft Master Plan 2019.

At Farrer Park, new housing will give more options for homebuyers looking to live near the city. Familiar landmarks such as the Farrer Park Swimming Pool and former boxing gym, will be retained to celebrate the sporting heritage of the area.

“In keeping with its heritage, a sports field and park will be integrated with future housing so the community can bond over sports and recreational activities,” URA said.

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