Trivelis developer to offer ‘goodwill package’ to affected residents

The developer of the Trivelis Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flats at Clementi will offer a “goodwill package” to residents, EL Development (ELD) said on Wednesday (May 27).

About 413 out of the 888 units in the DBSS at Clementi Avenue 4 were reported to have defects. Among the complaints raised were rusty dish holders and the laundry area being too small to fit standard sized washing machines.

Developers ELD added that residents of 4-room units also complained that the vertical sanitary pipes in the service yard constricted the space available to do laundry. “We wish to clarify that the sanitary pipes are located in the service yard due to technical constraints and requirements of the relevant authorities,” it said.

To address this, ELD said it will arrange for the sanitary pipes to be relocated to the external area, such as the RC canopy or air condition ledge. This will, however, be subject to the necessary approvals from relevant authorities and a unanimous agreement from the affected residents must be reached, it added.

In the event that relocation cannot be carried out, ELD said it will make payment of a sum “as a gesture of goodwill” to the residents. The payment will be based on the purchase price of the unit, divided by the total floor area in square feet, and multiplied by the approximate area taken up by the sanitary pipes – set at 2 square feet.

As for residents who are plagued with defective problems such as shattered shower glass panels and rusty dish holders, they are entitled to a free installation of a safety film on the glass shower screen as well as a new dish rack, it said.

The one-year warranty for the laminate flooring has also been extended by an additional nine years. However, labour cost will not be covered by the developers, said ELD.

ELD added that new drainage pipes – to be used solely for the floor wastes of the corridor – will be erected so that the scenario of ponding in the corridor can be avoided. Residents can also ask for an acrylic panel to be installed at the metal gate of the unit if they are affected by rains seeping into their units during heavy rain with strong winds.

“We will continue to address any other concerns faced by the residents wherever possible and hope to help them settle down in their new homes as soon as possible,” the developer said.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 27 May 2015

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