Tips to sell your property for a higher price

Selling a property can be a challenge for old and new sellers alike. It is arguably one of the most significant financial transactions you will ever have to make. The amount of money you walk away with depends on your preparation for the house and your negotiation strategy with potential buyers.

Most first time sellers make the mistake of thinking a lot of inquiries about their home equals a lot of buyers. As a result, they either fold too early or refuse to budge, leaving no room for negotiations. The result? Their property ends up being sold for less than it’s worth, or owners lose great offers because of their stubbornness.

Being prepared for all possibilities of selling your house is crucial. Closing a deal with the best numbers rides on how well you present your home and yourself. In this article, we will discuss exactly how you can do this.

Smart home technology

A single change can bring that wow factor to your house. One way to do this is by installing and integrating smart home technology into your property. A digital sign for a commercial property, remote-controlled shades, lights, smart door locks and air conditioner smart control are uncommon enough to stand against the crowd and bring more attention to your home as a unique choice. You can buy most of these items for less than $200 each, making it something inexpensive that you can add to boost its value.

Curb appeal for landed homes

Your house should be presentable and as eye-catching as possible. There should be an impact the moment a potential buyer looks at it. As overwhelming as it may sound, it really isn’t. A clean-cut lawn, nicely trimmed bushes, and adding some new shrubs along the walkway are some things that help increase curb appeal.

If you have a driveway, scrub and clean it and don’t forget the walkway. Proper cleaning in every nook and cranny around and inside the house can do wonders for adding appeal throughout the house.

A fresh coat of paint

Let’s continue with the notion of keeping everything spick and span. Another way to do this is to paint your home with a fresh layer. This can help add to the appeal of your home. Covering up any odd colours with neutral ones gives a fresh new look and offers potential buyers a clean slate to work with.

Painting the house means painting both the inside and outside walls of the house.


Staging your home helps buyers envision what the house could be for them. Hiring a professional home stager (decorator) or engaging a property agent’s help can ensure everything is ready to be presented. It also benefits you and helps you focus on your negotiation strategy without worrying about staging your house. It will boost your confidence in your home and yourself.

Spruce up the house and watch the smell

The kitchen and bathroom are among the essential rooms a house can have. Renovating both not only adds appeal but will also add value to your home. If proper renovations are not in your budget, then simple changes to the faucets, doorknobs, cabinet doors etc., are recommended. Changing up even the little things displays upkeep that you can benefit from. Bad odors are a significant turnoff and generate a negative impression. To get rid of bad smell, clean, apply an air freshener, essential oil diffuser, or scented candles.

Remove the prospect of price cuts

This goes for both negotiations and the house itself. You want to avoid doing anything that could do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve: selling your property at a great rate. Any broken, cracked, dirty plumbing or anything you can think of that a buyer might point out during negotiations to lower the price must be dealt with and fixed.

If there is no other reason to lower the price besides bargaining down, it will be easier for you to keep the rate wherever you want it. Make sure your rates are reasonable; otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Be polite

Selling a house can be stressful for both the seller and buyer. Nonetheless, being respectful and keeping a cool head can go a long way. The buyer is most likely to respond the same way during negotiations. It can feel like the time is dragging on, and the situation is becoming stressful for both the buyer and seller. Keeping your cool allows you to breeze through negotiations in no time.

It is not uncommon for deals to get cancelled because a seller could not remain polite and cordial. It’s ideal to stay calm and collected through the whole selling procedure to avoid unnecessary delays or cancellations.


Selling your property for a higher price requires extensive preparation and negotiation tactics to be successful. Various tips can allow you to come out on top in these aspects. Adopting smart technology into your home makes it stand out more in the eye of the buyer. Adding curb appeal can help catch potential buyers’ interest. A fresh coat of paint and staging can help improve presentation. Remember to pay attention to noticeable flaws because if you can see them, so can the buyer. Even small cracks and discoloration can set the price back. Remain calm and polite, don’t over-speak or over-explain when negotiating a price. It also helps to be precise.

We hope this article proves helpful and allows you to get a higher price for your property. Do get professional agent advice if you are in doubt or unsure how to go about preparing your house before selling. It is also very important that if you are uncertain about the procedural processes, you should engage a professional agent to assist you in order not to miss out on any essential or critical processes.

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