Paterson Residence

Value play at Paterson Residence

Interest in GuocoLand’s Paterson Residence has been creeping up recently as three units in the development were sold in June for as much as $2,200 per sq ft (psf). On June 7, a 1,658 sq ft apartment on the 14th floor was sold for nearly $3.65 million. It was bought in July 2006 for $2.45 million, or $1,477 psf, which means the owner made about $1.16 million in profit from the sale. On June 8, a similar...

Paterson Residence

An exclusive residential development for modern city living, Paterson Residence has 110 units housed in a 24-storey apartment block and 6 units of three-storey townhouses, with full amenities including a clubhouse and basement parking facilities. The design and architectural expression of the project is contemporary and deliberately understated. The clean lines and rationalised clarity creates a sharp...

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