Land Banking

Land investment firm Walton embarks on branding campaign

Land investment firm Walton International has set its sights on what it believes is growing demand in Asia for its products. It has embarked on an exercise to improve its branding, with the industry's image tainted by news of scams. It hired a public relations firm for Singapore last month and is looking to do the same for other markets. The company buys up large areas of land and divides them up into...

Investors call for regulation of land banking

Having failed to get their dues back from Singapore-based investment firm Profitable Plots and left to fend for themselves, a group of investors is now calling for better regulation of land banking here. Unable to get back a sum totalling more than $2 million, they have not been able to get help from any regulatory body as land banking is not regulated in Singapore. In an advisory yesterday, the Monetary...

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