Jalan Kayu

Home prices in Holland V, Jalan Kayu may go up due to new developments: experts

Real estate consultants said the draft master plan unveiled by city planners Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) on Wednesday is not likely to trigger any knee-jerk reaction in the residential property market. However, they said areas like Holland Village and Jalan Kayu could see some price upside in the next few years when the new developments are starting to take shape. The new extension at Holland...

Jalan Kayu residents find ways to coexist with foreign workers

When two dormitories housing 6000 foreign workers sprung up in the private estate of Jalan Kayu in 2005, it led to a flood of complaints from residents. Manager of Tee Up Dormitory, Kelvin Low, said, “Initially, they hope not to see any foreign workers around the estate. This is unrealistic expectation.” 3 years down the road, not only have foreign workers become a common sight here, they are even...

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