Interim Estate Upgrading Programme

A quicker fix

THE last time the estate he lived in was upgraded, Mr Winston Lim’s street just missed the cut-off boundary for inclusion in the works. In the ten years since, there have not been enough funds for the public areas of Hwan Gardens in Serangoon to be given a facelift. “Our drains are not covered; there is always the threat of mosquito breeding,” said Mr Lim, 45, who works in sales. But with a...

S$25m Interim Estate Upgrading Programme to help private estates improve

Private housing estates can now improve their physical environment under a new Interim Estate Upgrading Programme. The S$25 million scheme allows for small scale improvements such as construction of footpaths, ramps and rain shelters. It will complement the existing Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP), meant for upgrading older estates that are at least 30 years old. Private estates like Tai Hwan Terrace...

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