Construction Noise

Construction companies take steps to reduce noise pollution

There were some 300 reported cases of noise pollution from construction sites last year, nearly double the 160 in 2008. And some firms have taken steps to reduce the noise. One way is by using the "Jack-in-Pile" machine, which uses a hydraulic system for piling works to reduce noise. Another is by pre-casting structures like walls and toilets so those don't have to be built on-site. From September 2011,...

Construction work near homes not allowed on Sundays, Public Holidays by Sep 2011

From September 2011, construction work will not be allowed near residential areas on Sundays and Public Holidays. Environment and Water Resources Minister Yaacob Ibrahim said this change will be phased in to give the construction industry time to adjust. The number of complaints about construction noise on Sundays and Public Holidays has gone up. Last year, the National Environment Agency received...

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