Asia Economy Outlook

Asian economies expected to grow 5.5% in 2009

Asian economies, excluding Japan, are expected to grow a weighted 5.5 per cent this year - down from the 7 per cent growth seen in 2008. HSBC said this slide will be led by Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, while countries like China and India will be the main supports of growth. Falling demand from most developed nations in the wake of the global downturn has hit economic growth in Asia. But...

World Bank forecasts trying times for Asian economies in 2008

Developing economies in East Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, will grow at their slowest pace in six years in 2008, according to the latest forecast from the World Bank. It said growth is being dragged down by the US sub-prime mortgage crisis and a drop in exports to the US. The World Bank also warned that governments in the region need to be watchful over rising inflation. Trade with the...

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