Suntec Real Estate Consultants set for regional growth

Executives at Suntec Real Estate Consultants have their eyes set on increasing the company’s presence in Asia and are banking on the Singapore brand to make a name in developing countries that offer the potential for higher returns.

Formerly known as Chesterton Suntec International, the company was renamed after its majority shareholder, Suntec Investment, bought over the company fully from partner United Kingdom real estate consultancy Chesterton International. With the omission of the Chesterton name, the company is now able to expand anywhere in the region and beyond.

“We have for many years wanted to do more, but like all brand rights it comes with certain geographical or territorial constraints, so we couldn’t go to countries where there’s already a Chesterton,” Managing Director Tan Kian Hoon told TODAY.

Despite the limitations, the company managed to work on projects in 19 countries across Asia, but it is hoping to increase its footprint even more by actively exploring markets such as Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand.

“I think developing countries deserve a long and hard look,” said Mr Tan.

“There’s been a lot of talk about India and China being the economic superpowers. While we will never ever ignore these two countries … the next area that the whole world is also looking at is Indochina.”

He believes that his team is well positioned to provide consultancy services to government agencies and developers in these countries in the areas of urban planning as well as facilities management and maintenance.

There are also areas these countries can learn about from Singapore, whose growth story is fairly recent and relatable to many of its developing neighbours, who require input on real estate policies, instead of the “usual buying and selling of properties”.

“Many governments … are very happy and convinced by the Singapore success story and what has been done in the last 48 years to transform it into a hub of many sorts. So when they want to develop certain precincts, certain municipalities, they want to engage Singaporean consultants,” said Mr Tan.

Source : Today – 5 Aug 2013

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