Stars of Kovan

The phrase “living the high life” will be actualized with the completion of the brand new mixed development – Stars of Kovan. Bagging the last piece of vacant land on Upper Serangoon Road, this property is poised to attract many a buyers on account of its exclusivity alone, if nothing else.

The ideal location of being in the heart of Kovan, however, is not the only reason that Stars of Kovan has generated so much interest in the market. There are many, many unique aspects of this development project that have people awaiting its completion with a mixture of curiosity and excitement.

In the first place, the very concept of a mixed development is rather alluring. But the fact that only the first level will be slated for commercial purposes, with high-rise residential towers surmounting this complex, further adds to the architectural charm of the place.

Moreover, Stars of Kovan is to have its very own Strata Houses too, with is quite a rarity in mixed development properties. It goes without saying that the developers are keen to establish a most distinctive, inviting living environment which combines the twin prerogatives of luxury and convenience.

From the trusty developer and architects, to the innovative exterior and interior design – nothing about Stars of Kovan seems liable to fault.

Location: Upper Serangoon Road (District 19)
Tenure: 99 years leasehold
Year of Completion: 2020
Site Area: 108,684 sqft
Total Units: 395 residential, 46 retail shops

Unit Types:
1 bedroom ~ 506 sqft
2 bedroom ~ 743 to 764 sqft
3 bedroom ~ 958 sqft
Strata houses ~ 1,830 sqft
Retail shops

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