S’pore River Festival promises music, dance & shopping experiences

The Singapore River, once a lifeline to early immigrants, will spring to life for two weekends from September 19 to 28 for the Singapore River Festival.

Among the many events leading up to the Formula One night race in late September is a dance drama spectacle “Legenda Singapura”.

The half hour-long performance, which will also include a float parade, tracks the journey of Sang Nila Utama and Singapore’s modernity. And where better to tell it than at the Singapore River, an origin of the city’s prosperity.

Expect to be dancing at unconventional places too. Organisers will turn the defunct River Valley Swimming Pool into a swanky party venue.

Lynette Pang, director, Events and Entertainment, Singapore Tourism Board, said: “On top of the new experience of dancing inside the pool with no water, there will be a rain concept where partygoers can feel intermittent mist and water.”

Party-goers can visit the various watering holes or view art pieces on display at shopping malls along the river and underpasses between Boat Quay and Clarke Quay.

Apart from the music, retail and F&B promotions, spectators can also look forward to lighting effects on different bridges along the Singapore River at the festival’s launch party on the night of September 19.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 12 Sep 2008

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