Singapore is Asia’s greenest city

The Asian Green City Index, a study commissioned by Siemens, has concluded that Singapore is Asia’s greenest metropolis.

The survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) analysed the aims and achievements of 22 major Asian cities with respect to environmental and climate protection.

Singapore stands out in particular for its ambitious environmental targets and its efficient approach to achieving them.

The republic received full marks in the Index for having an energy reduction strategy.

It ranks above average for its robust policies that serve to contain urban sprawl and to protect green spaces from the negative side effects of development.

Singapore also ranks above average for its extensive public transport network, at 0.21km per square kilometre, which is above the 22-city average of 0.17km per square kilometre.

In addition, the city generates lower-than-Index-average waste per person, and the authorities collect and dispose all of it.

Siemens Singapore CEO Lothar Herrmann said the country’s many policies, incentive programmes and public awareness campaigns have worked well in improving its urban environment.

He added what’s more commendable is that the Singapore government constantly partners the private sector to find new and innovative ways to boost the island’s sustainability.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 14 Feb 2011

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