Scotts Road to get more buzz

More lifestyle businesses are setting up shop at the row of six bungalows along Scotts Road.

The new outlets will replace the different businesses that are housed there now including offices and an antique shop.

Of the five existing tenants, only two – The Song Of India restaurant and SK-II Boutique Spa – are staying put.

One of the houses will be home to a new restaurant. Health outlets, bridal shops and beauty clinics are expected to move into the other three bungalows.

The six bungalow plots, from No. 27 to 35A, are each between 300 sq m and 550 sq m in size.The small but valuable stretch of land is a stone’s throw from the malls of Orchard Road.

Two companies were awarded rights to two of the addresses earlier this month. They are paying rent of up to $50,000 per plot a month, more than double the amount paid by existing tenants.

One more plot will be put up for tender when its tenancy expires next month.

A spokesman for The Connoisseur Concerto, whose parent company Sarika Connoisseur Cafe tendered successfully for No. 27, said it hopes to start a new dining concept that may include space dedicated to viewing works of art.

The chain has 32 stores here, and the new eatery should be up and running by April next year.

The tender for two more bungalows, No. 35 and No. 35A, were awarded to Incofood Management Services. The food and beverage consultancy, which could not be contacted, won the bid after offering to pay $73,500 a month for the two plots.

The Urban Redevelopment Agency (URA) reviewed land-use for the site to add to the buzz along Scotts Road.

‘When the leases of the bungalows expired, the URA took the opportunity to review the interim use of the site so that it can contribute better to the vibrancy along Scotts Road,’ a spokesman said.

Existing SK-II Boutique Spa and The Song Of India will also be paying higher rents, although they declined to say how much they will be paying under the new contract.


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