Rochor Centre shops may hire surveyor to boost petition

The Rochor Centre Merchants’ Association may engage a private surveyor to help with its petition for higher compensation, following the announcement of land acquisition because of the planned North-South Expressway.

Some shop tenants Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they will suffer heavy losses as they have spent a lot of money to set up business at Rochor Centre.

They said the S$30,000 offered to those who continue business at another location is insufficient.

Those who took over the premises before 1999 will receive S$60,000 in ex-gratia payment.

A shop at Rochor Centre selling religious items has yet to start business.

But its owners were informed two weeks ago that they would have to move out in four years’ time.

The owners had paid S$300,000 to secure the shop from its previous tenant, and another S$100,000 to renovate it.

Its tenant, Tan Wei Liang, said: “Including our goods, we have spent close to S$1 million. I don’t think we would get fair compensation, but we would still try to petition for more. Now we’re just hoping to get enough business so that when we have to move, we wouldn’t suffer too much losses.”

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 3 Dec 2011

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