Residents welcome proposed Thomson MRT line

Residents in Kim Seng, Thomson, Sin Ming and Kebun Baru have reason to celebrate – especially with the unveiling of plans for the new Thomson MRT line, which will be ready in 2018.

While most are happy about the new development, there are some concerns about costs and the long wait for the new line.

One resident said, “I think it’ll be good for the citizens around here. You can get to places around much more easily.”

Another noted, “From a business perspective, it’s a positive development.”

The MRT is definitely a cheaper alternative to taxis.

However, some are concerned about the cost.

One resident commented, “I can say (taking the MRT) is a bit expensive.”

Gerard Ee, Chairman, Public Transport Council, said, “All these costs for building additional trains and stations – in Singapore, the basic infrastructure is paid for by the government. So as commuters, they’ll say ‘Wow, all this is exciting, and it’s not going to impact my pocket’.”

However, one impact is the decade-long wait for the new line.

A resident said, “2018 is a long time. I don’t know whether I’ll live to that stage.”

Another added, “We don’t like to see the situation (similar to) what’s happening in Buangkok. It’s open, it’s closed…creating unhappiness among the residents.”

On the whole, residents have welcomed the new line. But is this enough to make the public transport system their other car, as suggested by Transport Minister Raymond Lim.

One resident commented, “I will not consider buying a car, as I would have more money to spend on other stuff.”

Another added, “I’m so used to driving. It is convenient for us anyway.”

Nevertheless, convenience is definitely on the cards – and that is something that will surely help change the way Singaporeans travel. – CNA/ms

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 25 Jan 2008

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