Residents have mixed feelings over new Sixth Avenue MRT station

SINGAPORE : The Sixth Avenue MRT station will be the first to be located in a private residential estate once it is ready in 2015.

Residents in the area welcome the new station and hope it will lead to fewer traffic jams in the area.

The elderly and school-goers are expected to benefit from the convenience of having an MRT station close by. Nearby shops are also optimistic that the station will help bring in more customers.

However, some residents are concerned that it may lead to a surge in human traffic with more people flocking to use the station.

Real estate agents said the new station will not benefit the prices and rental rates of landed properties in the area.

This is because the owners and tenants of such properties tend to be car owners and do not use public transport such as the MRT.

However, they said it could lead to a 5-10 per cent increase in the prices of condominiums located nearby.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 6 Jul 2009

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