Renovation contractors’ body gives free home makeovers to needy families

The construction business may have been hit by the recession, but some contractors are finding time to help those in need by making their home improvement dreams come true.

This is part of the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre’s outreach efforts to help those in need during these hard economic times.

One family, the Lees, received renovation help for their three-room flat at Kim Keat Avenue.

Both Mr Lee and his wife work part-time and are struggling to bring up their five children, one of whom is suffering from a kidney condition.

A part-time cashier, Lee-See Bee Leng, said: “I’m happy with the kitchen cabinets. I (used to) put my crockery and utensils on tables and chairs. Now I’m very happy that I have a proper place to put my utensils.”

The Lees are just one of two families who have received help from the voluntary body of renovation contractors.

The other family, the Sims, live in a three-room flat at Yishun St 22 and they have two children suffering from skin problems.

Chairman of the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre, Farok Majeed, said: “There are so many organisations to look after all the needy and we didn’t want to duplicate that. Our specialty or our forte is in renovation. It’s where our strength is. So we should take advantage of that strength.”

The centre says it is looking to do more home makeovers for needy families in future.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 10 Apr 2009