Provide your property agent the right information

The more details you provide to your agent, the faster they can find your dream home or ideal investment

Over the years of serving buyers, we notice that buyers who approach their property purchases in an upfront manner, disclosing all of their needs and exactly how much they are willing to pay for those, walk away from their purchases far happier than those who don’t share fully their affordability levels and requirements.

While everyone wants a bargain, not many often tell their agents exactly how much they can really afford to buy a property.

A common scenario is that a buyer usually only share that they can only buy a home at a much lower price than they can actually buy. This is done for two main reasons. First, the buyer may be looking to test the market to see what’s in the market hoping to pick up a good deal for as little as possible.

Another reason could be trust, where the buyers often assume the agent is not representing the buyers’ interest but agent’s own, show you properties that are asking near the upper limit of your quoted budget in the hope of getting higher commission.

Truly professional agents in Singapore always act in the best interests of buyers and sellers. With that in mind, we want buyers to find the perfect home in the shortest amount of time. There are value buys, but these are usually snapped quickly and at many times not even placed in the market.

Good agents are trained to listen to the needs of buyers, which are not always easy especially for husbands and wives who have very different aspects of the house.

For example, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms can be easily agreed, but other aspects can be a challenge. Different things appeals to different people. For example, some love a quiet estate; others prefer living in or closer to the city. Finding a home is usually much easier when the buyers has the same likes and dislikes. But if they disagree about what makes a perfect home, problems can arise.

Clearly knowing what you want simplifies the whole process. Couples who have different tastes should make a list of their wants, and if necessary, compromise on certain factors before meeting with an agent. Building relationships with your agent who understand your needs and wants can also play an important role in finding a perfect home. This will make your lives and the chances of finding the ideal property far easier.

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