Lure the foreign buck

Make it easier for expatriates to buy houses they can live in

WITH Singapore’s safe track record and attractions, such as the two integrated resorts to be completed in a couple of years, this is the best time to attract more foreign entrepreneurs to Singapore.

But not all foreign entrepreneurs can afford or are willing to pay for high-end condominiums as some may prefer to put more money into their businesses, which in turn can create more jobs here. It is therefore in everyone’s best interests to provide them with additional housing options.

We should make it easier for them to buy landed property that they can occupy.

Such an arrangement can help to enhance the value of landed properties, especially those in the medium and low priced categories, which have lagged far behind non-landed properties.

Most owners of such landed properties are senior citizens whose retirement funds are closely hinged to the value of such properties.

Tan Kok Liang

Source : Today – 10 Dec 2008

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