Let’s build a “city in a garden” home together

Former minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew said Singapore’s vision of a city in a garden needs innovation, ownership and dedication from all levels of society.

Speaking at the Flower Dome preview, Mr Lee urged Singaporeans to work with the government to realise this vision and improve the living environment.

Mr Lee recalled that the first tree he planted was in 1963 at Holland Road Circus.

He stressed cities cannot just be made of buildings, tarmac and pavements.

It has been almost 50 years since Singapore started the garden city movement.

Mr Lee said becoming a garden city took strong political will, and dedication and support from Singaporeans.

And as the country moves into the next phase of its green development, Mr Lee said he is confident Singapore is a step closer to its vision of a city in a garden.

Mr Lee noted Singapore has become greener despite increasing urbanisation.

He said the Gardens by the Bay, which comprises three gardens, shows how far Singapore has progressed in greening the country.

He highlighted the need for support from the corporate community and individuals as the gardens continue to grow.

“Many countries now do tree planting and call themselves garden cities,” Mr Lee said.

“To retain our edge and continue to improve our living environment, we have been transforming Singapore into a city in a garden.

“This city in a garden vision is not just about developing green infrastructure. We are actually building a home to be proud of, in the next few decades.”

The public saw the variety of plants at the Flower Dome, opened for preview until Sunday.

The Flower Dome features rare plants found in the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions.

It is part of the government’s S$1 billion Gardens By The Bay South project, that’s due to officially open in June next year.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 14 Nov 2011

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