Lee Tat wins legal battle against Grange Heights residents

A dispute between property developer Lee Tat Development and Grange Heights residents over a strip of land came to an end on Tuesday as the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Lee Tat, overturning an earlier appeal decision.

It is extremely rare for the Court of Appeal to re-look a case that it has passed judgement on.

Since the 1970s, Lee Tat has been trying to stop the residents from using a pathway, which is surrounded by land owned by the developer, as a shortcut to nearby shopping centres and bus stops.

After four court proceedings over many years, the Court of Appeal has finally given the right of way to Lee Tat.

In the ruling, it is noted that for more than 30 years, residents have not used the pathway often.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 2 Dec 2008

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