KTM greenery to be preserved

Singapore’s KTM railway will be dismantled starting this week, with Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan assuring the public of the preservation of the greenery surrounding the railway.

He said that after the tracks have been taken apart, segments of the path will be reopened to the public.

During an interview, Mr. Khaw said that housing development prospects could be accomplished within the tracks.

“But we will do it in a way where we can still preserve this green spine. I’m quite sure it can be done and it will be very nice. We can have urban development but still maintain the greenery,” he said.

The dismantled railway tracks will be returned to Malaysia by the end of 2011, as agreed upon by Malaysia and Singapore.

Mr. Khaw had initially hoped that his ministry could keep the tracks operational for two more months. However, the timeframe was reduced to meet the year-end deadline.

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