Keppel, Marina Bay golf courses “could give way to private housing”

An expert on land use says freeing up prime land at Marina Bay Golf Course and Keppel Club could make way for more private housing, in line with what’s already being built in the area.

The government on Sunday announced that Keppel Club and Marina Bay Golf Course will not have their land leases renewed after they expire within the next 10 years.

Assistant Professor Harvey Neo from the National University of Singapore’s Department of Geography said: “For Keppel…quite a significant number of private housing (could be) built there.

“From what I’ve seen in the area, there are a lot of very high-rise condominiums. So it’s not surprising if those kinds of condominiums – very high density and many storeys high – (are built there).

“For Marina Bay, it could be a combination of housing and other uses – housing mixed with office buildings, this kind of integrated development is a possibility.”

Dr Neo also said that the reduction of space allocated for golf courses is a significant step for land-scarce Singapore.

He said Singapore would still have about 1.5 per cent of its land allocated for golf course use, which is high relative to other countries.

He said that more golf courses may go the same way in future, especially for those with leases being extended till 2030.

“Even for those who have a reprieve…for most of them their leases will end in 2030 and with no further indication of what’s going to happen (after that)…I think, the next round of adjustments – closer to 2030 – we may see another round of taking away of golf course land,” said Dr Neo.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 17 Feb 2014

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