Is it time to renovate?

Do not let emotions propel you into a renovation unless you’re ready. Ask yourself the following questions to decide whether the time is right:

1. Why do I want to renovate? Is it to meet the space needs of your family, to create a more pleasing environment or because the rest of the neighborhood is doing it.

2. Am I willing to take the time to select the right contractor for the job? Will you will provide a description of the project and its scope including any extras, get several bids and compare them closely regarding labor, materials, and time frame, or just choose the lowest bidder?

3. What is my current financial situation? Do you have sufficient savings to cover the selected bid including 10-15% for cost overruns, do you intend take a loan, or finance the project using credit cards.

4. What is on the work and family calendars for the next few months? Will the next several months will be extremely hectic at home and at work, or are there major time-consuming events planned such as weddings, school plays, etc.

5. What is your current state of mind regarding renovation? If you are rather stressful at work do consider pushing postponing your renovation as small negative developments in the renovation projects might make you erupt or break down.

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