Improved access to nex Serangoon

Access to nex shopping mall in Serangoon is now much easier.

Those taking the MRT can access the mall’s basement from the Circle Line side of Serangoon MRT interchange. The entrance was opened last week.

The entrance from the North-East Line side is expected to open at the end of March, said a spokesman for mall manager Guthrie Consultancy Services.

There is also good news for those who drive. Openings have been cut into the walls of the seven-storey carpark at the mall, to allow motorists on ramps and those making turns a better view of other vehicles. Other changes include new ground markings to alert motorists to traffic, and repositioned mirrors to further boost navigation.

‘We have acted on feedback and made improvement works,’ said the spokesman for Guthrie.

Days after nex opened, drivers were left frustrated as confusion led to a traffic bottleneck in the carpark. Drivers heading towards the second storey, those descending to the first storey – and those exiting – got in the way of one another.

Motorists also complained about the narrow passageways between floors, which required drivers to execute nearly 90-degree turns, among other things.

An air-conditioned bus interchange, integrated with the mall and Serangoon MRT interchange, is expected to open by the middle of the year. The spokesman said the mall is due to hand over the bus interchange to the Land Transport Authority and SBS Transit next week.