How to deal with pesky en blocs

WE REFER to the letters “Just leave me alone!” (Dec 16) by Lee Siew Hua and “A loophole, a headache” (Dec 19) by Yeo Han Tiong.

We would like to clarify that the legislation already allows the subsidiary proprietors of a strata-titled development to decide on the tenure of an en bloc sale committee. A sale committee may be dissolved by way of ordinary resolution at a general meeting of the management corporation.

Owners can therefore vote on the dissolution of the sale committee anytime, either at the annual general meeting or at an extraordinary general meeting of the management corporation. This approach provides flexibility to subsidiary proprietors to decide the term of the en bloc sale committee elected by them.

We thank the readers for their views.

Chong Wan Yieng
Head, Corporate Communications, Ministry of Law

Source : Today – 23 Dec 2008

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