Home Renovation Time Savers

You’d like to remodel your bathroom, redo your kitchen, or add an extra room you can use as a home office. Whatever it is, you’ve got some serious ambitions for your home. But home renovation and construction projects take more time than basic decorating and design projects you can conquer with a DIY weekend. Here are a few tips for finding that time, busy life and all.

If you’re undertaking a home renovation or construction project, you need all the time savers you can get! Let these three tips help you out. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

If you’re one of those types who just can’t wait to get started, you’re going to need to channel that go-get-’em attitude. Eagerly ripping out your cabinets is not the way to start a home renovation project. Sitting down with a notebook is. Plan your budget, prioritize your goals, figure out just what you want your home to look like when you’re done. 

Done right, the time you spend planning your home construction or renovation project should equal or exceed the time it actually takes to execute. Even with your best planning, you’ll still run into snags, but not nearly as many of them. Problems avoided equal time saved! 

Hire a Home Renovation Pro

There’s some satisfaction to be had in doing the work on your home yourself. But having a home renovation project done in six weeks rather than six months is pretty darn satisfying, too. You can hire individual contractors yourself, but the biggest time saver of all is hiring a designer to help you plan the project and to manage the entire construction project. 

Make Home Renovation a Family Affair

The time you spend working on your home renovation can double as great family time. The average parent spends only about 15 minutes a day playing with or working on hobbies with their children. While there are plenty of aspects of home renovation or construction that aren’t kid friendly, plenty are, especially for older children and teenagers. If you can turn some of your home renovation time into quality time with your kids, making time in your schedule gets that much easier. 

Finding time for a serious home construction project can be tough, but with a little finagling, you can make it happen. 

By Dawn West

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