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If you trade internationally, inevitably you’ll need to exchange currencies. And you’ll need to exchange them advantageously, to preserve your profits.

Hermex specialises in foreign currency exchange.

By not restricting ourselves only to corporate customers we can offer all of our client’s excellent exchange rates and a personalised service.

Whether you want to convert at today’s rate or forward then talk to a Hermex expert to get a great deal.

Our business model is simple. We believe in providing:

· Personalised Service
· Excellent Exchange Rates
· Fuss-free Execution of Trades

We achieve that by:

· Working with a select customer base, small enough to allow us to provide personal service, large enough that we achieve the economies of scale that let us exchange currencies ultra-competitively

Our background is the City of London. Our expertise is international trade. Our passion is currency service.


There are 178 different currencies used in the world. Almost 100 of them are regularly traded as part of the global economy. Whether you’ve bought timber from Thailand or sold machinery to Mexico we’ll convert the currencies concerned at a competitive rate that maintains your margins.

Trading Spot

Instantaneous execution of a foreign exchange order is known as trading at the spot rate – the exchange rate between two currencies that exists on the money markets at the exact time that the trade is made.

For many Hermex clients that form of trade is ideal. They know exactly what the net result of the currency conversion will be, and they know that the resulting funds will be debited or credited to their accounts almost immediately

Trading Forward

Sometimes it can be advantageous to trade forward. Perhaps you are buying overseas for resale in another market. You want to know exactly what you will be paying, in your home currency.

Buying the destination currency at today’s rate, even if you don’t need to remit that currency to your foreign trading partner for some time, reassures you that whatever way the exchange rate moves, you will pay exactly what originally calculated.

Hermex is expert on constructing and executing forward trades.

Stop Orders

Perhaps you hold a currency that you want to convert, but you only want to convert it when the exchange rate reaches a certain level. Place a stop order – to buy or sell – with Hermex, and we’ll execute when your exchange rate limit is reached, and only then.

No Exchange Rate Advice

Exchange rates are volatile. Today’s rate may not be tomorrow’s. At Hermex, we follow the markets, we don’t try to predict them.

That way, we don’t need to employ research staff and economists to analyse currency fundamentals. The money we save we pass on to our customers in the form of a narrower spread.

That’s one of the elements that helps make Hermex so competitive, and boosts our clients’ profitability.

If you need to exchange any currency for any reason, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] with the following:-

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