Heritage buildings given new lease of life

Termite infestations, rising damp and corroded metal parts were some of the problems architect Lee Soo Khoon had to deal with as part of the team from the then Public Works Department (PWD) that was commissioned in 1995 to convert the former police station and barracks on Hill Street into the headquarters of the then Ministry of Information and the Arts.

But the challenges came as no surprise as they are common wear-and-tear characteristics seen in old buildings, especially those that have been left vacant for some time. Much of the six-storey neoclassical building built in 1934 had not been in use for several years.

“The (old police station) wasn’t in very good condition when we started work on it because many parts weren’t in use for a few years. Termite and water ingress are two very common problems in old buildings, but these are technical issues that we can overcome. It’s just more tedious,” said Mr Lee.

Source : Today – 9 Aug 2014

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