HDB imposes 7-day cooling-off period for flat sale

From November, sellers of Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats will have to observe a seven-day cooling-off period before they can grant an Option-to-Purchase (OTP) to the buyers.

The cooling-off period starts after they complete a resale checklist which will have to be submitted online to the HDB website.

The checklist was introduced in 2008 to ensure flat sellers and buyers are aware of the key resale and financial policies before they commit to sell or buy a resale flat.

The HDB said the enhanced resale checklist would also require sellers to state their next housing arrangement.

HDB added if sellers intend to buy another flat, they have to work out their estimated sales proceed of their current flat, and submit a financial plan for their next flat purchase

Buyers of resale flats, acting with or without agents, will also be required to complete and submit the resale checklist.

The HDB said the enhancement was part of regular reviews to better protect the interests of sellers and buyers and help them make informed and prudent decisions.

Currently, agents engaged by sellers or buyers are required to go through a resale checklist with the sellers or buyers to highlight key policies and procedures before the sellers or buyers would grant or exercise the OTP.

After the OTP is granted or exercised, sellers or buyers are required to submit the completed checklist to HDB together with the resale application form.

Sellers and buyers without agents are encouraged, but not required, to go through a separate Do-It-Yourself (DIY) resale checklist.

They also do not need to submit the checklist to HDB.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 18 Oct 2010

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