Guide on Enbloc Sale

What is Enbloc Sale?

Enbloc = in a lump; as a whole

Thus, an Enbloc Sale basically means: all owners of separate units in an apartment, condominium or even an office building, coming together to collectively sell their properties to a developer for comprehensive redevelopment.

Why Enbloc Sale?

  • allows owners to sell their properties for at a higher price than they could fetch by selling individually in the open market by converting the unused land or development potential in their property development into cash.
  • allows developers to utilize their purchased land / development’s potential.

When is Enbloc Sale Feasible?

Enbloc Sale is normally feasible when one or a combination of the followings is evident in the development:

  • An increase in Plot Ratio of the land
  • Re-zoning of the land to a higher use
  • The land is not fully built up or utilized to its allowable development potential

The Enbloc Sale Process

  1. Checking the value of land
  2. Checking owners’ interest
  3. Sale preparation
  4. Marketing the land for sale
  5. Private treaty/ public tender and evaluation
  6. Legal completion of enbloc sale
  7. Delivery of vacant possession

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