Greening Singapore’s urban landscape

The National Parks Board (NParks) said it has received more than 200 suggestions on how to co-create a “City in a Garden” since it launched a public engagement exercise three weeks ago.

And more ideas are welcomed as it is a year-long exercise.

Kong Yit San, assistant chief executive at NParks, said: “We hope to have this much longer so that we can have more ideas coming in. At this stage, we are not sharing in detail about the suggestions that have come in, so that we do not steer people’s mindsets or perceptions of how parks should be in the future.”

About half of the suggestions received were on enhancing parks and streetscapes – such as planting more trees that provide shade.

About a quarter were on optimising urban spaces for greenery and recreation, like more rooftop gardens and solar panels on top of HDB flats.

In the meantime, NParks has launched the inaugural Parks Festival, starting this Saturday, to get more Singaporeans to visit more than 300 parks here.

The nine-day festival will include activities such as gardening workshops, art installations and a night forest exploration.

On the last two days of the festival, NParks is organising a mass cleanup of some of the major parks. It’s hoped that this would foster a sense of ownership of the flora and fauna in Singapore.

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 15 Sep 2011

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