Government launches 13 new industrial land sites

The trade and industry ministry today (Dec 16) launched its Industrial Government Land Sales Programme (IGLS) for the first half of 2014 with eight Confirmed List sites and five on the Reserved List with a total site area of 20.42 hectares.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) said in a statement this morning that “proposed land quantum for the first half 2014 reflects a continuation of the Government’s efforts to release sufficient land, through the IGLS programme, to moderate industrial land prices and to provide adequate industrial space for industrialists”.

Six of the eight Confirmed List sites are in Tuas, with one on Woodlands Avenue 12 and the other located at Gambas Crescent. All five Reserved List sites are in Tuas.

Developers who are interested in the sites on the Reserved List can apply to the respective sales agents for the sites to be put up for tender.

JTC, as the main Government agency overseeing the industrial property market, will take over the land sales agent role from Urban Redevelopment Authority for all new State land parcels launched under the IGLS programme, with effect from the first half of next year.

Source : Today – 16 Dec 2013

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