Furniture Leasing in Singapore

You may have found an ideal place to rent but it is not furnished, or the current furniture is not to your liking. What about furniture leasing? With furniture leasing, you can either choose from the current selection of furniture from the leasing company or simply choose any item from any store in any city. Most furniture leasing companies will be willing to buy the furniture for you and include it in your rental package.

Benefits of Furniture Leasing

Save Money. Leasing furniture requires little initial capital outlay on your first arrival in
Singapore, because you do not need to pay whole lump sum for your ideal collection of furniture purchases. Therefore, you will have a positive net cash flow benefit throughout your stay in Singapore.

Customer Delight. You can choose the furniture that best fit your needs and preferences. Our partner, with their dedicated team thrives to ensure smooth transition and convenience for you throughout the leasing period.

Experience New Interiors. Furniture leasing gives you an opportunity to experience and experiment with Asian home furnishing, decor and style during your stay in Singapore.

Save Costs (Time and Monetary). The packing and moving of your favorite furniture can be difficult. Leasing eliminates issues associated with custom clearance, voltage compatibility and breakage during shipment.

Budget. With their extensive range of home furnishings (new and reconditioned) available, furniture leasing companies are able to accommodate to your budget.

Variety. The furniture leasing companies provide various choices of residential, office furniture and home appliances for lease. They can also design and fabricate the furniture to suit your needs and style.

Flexibility. The leasing contract may vary from 1 month to 36 months. In addition, furniture can be leased individually or in packages, and purchase options are also available to suit your needs.

Full Maintenance. The furniture leasing companies take over the maintenance costs, servicing and replacement in the event of breakdown of electrical appliances during the leasing period.

Worry Free Departure. Prior to your departure from Singapore, you need not worry about the disposal of the furniture, as they will collect the furniture leased after the expiry of the leasing contract. 

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