Family claims to be in the dark about condo’s en bloc sale

You may have heard of the family in China who stayed put in their house refusing to budge when their building was slated to be torn down for a new development.

Here in Singapore, a family claim they have been left completely in the dark about their condominium’s en bloc sale.

And, the time is ticking before the condo has to be demolished.Chin Siew Yin and her family moved into the Lincolnsvale condominium about a year ago.

Barely six months after moving in, something was afoot.

The condo’s management committee apparently sought the agreement for an en bloc sale but Madam Chin claims her family were completely left out of the loop.

Madam Chin also claims no one contacted her about the deadline to move out.

All her neighbours have since moved away, and the deadline to hand in the keys has also passed.

In fact, preparations are being made to tear down the condo.

“How come when you want to sell such a critical thing, a monumental thing, you do not hold meetings to let everybody know? It’s not right for you to just unilaterally decide upon yourself and just based on 80 percent and think ‘Oh, that would do it’ and just go ahead,” Madam Chin told Channel NewsAsia.

The condo houses 39 units and it is understood the en bloc sale went for an estimated $46 million.

Madam Chin says she has not yet heard from the new developer about any compensation.

And she has not made any attempts to contact them either.

For now, the family say, they have no time to look for a new house and hope they can reach an agreement with the developer soon.

Source: Channel NewsAsia, 17 April 2007

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