Ex-condo agent on ‘wanted’ list

FOR three years, she allegedly forged cheques and pilfered at least $200,000 from the coffers of four condominiums she was managing.

Although she allegedly committed her misdeeds between 2003 and last year, the former condominium managing agent managed to escape detection all the while by apparently falsifying financial accounts.

By the time the condominium owners discovered something was amiss in May last year, she was nowhere to be found, said a resident of Adis Villas (picture), one of the four condominiums under her management.

Today understands that the woman, in her early 30s, is on the police gazette. A police spokesperson confirmed they are investigating the woman for 205 counts of forgery for the purpose of cheating.

A board member from Sophia Apartments’ management committees, one of the four affected condominiums, said “nobody suspected anything because she seemed to be doing her job well”.

“She seemed trustworthy,” added the board member, who declined to be named.

Today understands that the 13-unit condo had also discovered over $20,000 missing in May last year.

Meanwhile, minutes from Adis Villas’ last management meeting on Nov 19 showed that the money allegedly misappropriated from the condominium is tabled to be written off at their annual general meeting due to be held on Saturday.

The condominium manager is believed to have pocketed $104,000 from the condominium’s sinking funds between 2004 and last year. Another $60,000 in contribution arrears is also not traceable “due to improper records” she had kept.

Earlier this month, Adis Villas’ management committee had sent residents a report from the police listing the charges the agent would face when she is arrested. They also received copies of re-audited financial reports for 2004 to 2006 because the earlier financial statements were based on incomplete accounting records.

Adis Villas management committee chairman Wong Kian Keong had also written to residents in June last year stating that he had filed a police report the previous month on the alleged fraudulent withdrawals.

Some tenants at Adis Villas, which has gone en bloc, told Today that they were unaware of the saga. It is still unclear whether residents would agree to writing off the sum.

When contacted, Mr Wong declined to comment.

The other two condominiums managed by the same agent are Mount Sophia Apartments and Pelikat Mansions.

Source : Today – 27 Dec 2007

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