DC rates raised for non-landed residential, commercial and hotel/hospital uses

THE government is increasing development charge (DC) rates, payable for enhancing the use of some sites or to build bigger projects on them, for commercial, non-landed residential and hotel/hospital uses.

However, DC rates remain unchanged for landed residential, industrial, place of worship/civic and community institution, and other use groups.

The latest DC rates are for the period of Sept 1, 2016, to Feb 28, 2017. This was announced on Wednesday by the Ministry of National Development, which, in consultation with the Chief Valuer, revises DC rates twice a year – on March 1 and Sept 1.

On average, DC rates have been raised by 2.7 per cent for non-landed residential use, 0.6 per cent for commercial use, and 1.4 per cent for the use group that covers hotels and hospitals .

DC rates are stated according to use groups across 118 geographical sectors in Singapore.

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