Credit screening is done

Loan givers have checks done on buyer’s profile

In “Risk profiling for homebuyers?”(Dec 17), Mr Ee Teck Siew suggested that the Government and industry associations consider implementing a “fact finding process” to ensure that potential home buyers buy properties they can afford, based on their abilities to service mortgage loans.

Most homebuyers would need to obtain a bank loan upfront. The homebuyers would therefore be subject to creditscreening by the banks, which will ensure that the home-buyers can afford the properties they intend to buy. In the credit checks, the banks would typically take into consideration the homebuyer’s income, age and other debt commitments.

Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat buyers taking HDB concessionary loans are required to obtain a HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter before committing to the flat purchase. The HLE letter similarly takes into account the flat buyers’ age, income and other financial commitments to calculate the maximum loan quantum and the expected monthly installments to ensure that the flat buyer is not financially overstretched.

We thank Mr Ee for his feedback.

Lim Yuin Chien
Deputy Director (Corporate Communications), Ministry of National Development

Source : Today – 22 Dec 2008

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