Construction companies take steps to reduce noise pollution

There were some 300 reported cases of noise pollution from construction sites last year, nearly double the 160 in 2008.

And some firms have taken steps to reduce the noise.

One way is by using the “Jack-in-Pile” machine, which uses a hydraulic system for piling works to reduce noise. Another is by pre-casting structures like walls and toilets so those don’t have to be built on-site.

From September 2011, construction sites will not be allowed to carry out activities from 10pm the night before a Sunday or Public Holiday to 10am that day.

Tan Soon Hong, deputy project manager, Kajima Overseas Asia said: “Based on our construction site, after 7pm, our noise limitation is 70 decibels. So for those noise works, we will stop noise work before 7pm. After 7pm, we just carry out less noise work, for example, painting and doing some housekeeping.”

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 13 Mar 2010

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