Carpark shortage at Nex mall in Serangoon Central

The latest mall in Singapore, the Nex in Serangoon Central, is packing in the crowds.

But those driving to mall are complaining there are not enough carpark lots.

The mall claims it is attracting 70,000 customers daily since it opened last week.

Shopowners are happy, with business exceeding targets. But outside the mall, shoppers are complaining of high traffic volume and tailgating cars right to the main roads.

They said the mall’s 450 lots are just not enough and a nearby multi-storey carpark is almost always full.

Residents said they worry that the situation could get worse with year-end festivities.

The mall said it will double the number of carpark wardens to direct traffic and also hold a dialogue with residents.

It also said the jams are temporary.

Michael Leong, managing director of Guthrie Properties, said: “We are opening the mall during Christmas and the festive season, school holidays and it is new. It is what we call an artificial period. The carpark has been designed for a stabilised period. That means that post-Chinese New Year, the traffic will stabilise, the mall will stabilise.”

Mr Leong also attributed the jams to motorists being unfamiliar with the carpark configuration.

He said: “A lot of them are in the driveway, waiting for lots to be freed so that they can park there. In the process, you get a tailback all the way to the road.”

Source : Channel NewsAsia – 2 Dec 2010

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